UIT-Academic Technologies Request Forms

Forms for requesting information and services from UIT-Academic Technologies can be found here.


Bridge is used for Critical Training, as well as other types of training at OSU. Bridge can deliver self-paced online training, and can also be used to track attendance in instructor-led classes.

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Campus Labs

Computer classrooms provide a technology-enabled environment for teaching. 

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Canvas is a learning management system (LMS), which is a Web-based platform for course material, assignments, grades, communication, and all activities related to teaching and learning.   

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Classroom Response Systems

Classroom Response system, also known as audience response systems are wireless hand-held devices used to conduct student participation in the classroom, often to credit attendance and measure understanding. 

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Classroom Software Installation Request Form

If the software you require in the classroom is not available on the computer in that classroom, please consult apps.oregonstate.edu to see if the software can be accessed online. If that software is not available, please submit the form below.

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In-Room Technology Training

Learn how to use the classroom technology with a hands-on training orientation. Click the "Request Service" button on this page to start a new request. A form will appear asking for specific information needed to complete your request. 

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Kaltura: MediaSpace/My Media 

Kaltura is Oregon State University’s video delivery platform. It can be accessed through a variety of methods, including MediaSpace and Canvas. 

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Providing technical, operational and user support for OSU’s dynamic learning ecosystem that allows the OSU community to manage a broad array of teaching and learning resources in one succinct space.

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Learning Space and Technology Design 

Learning Space and Technology Design provides consultation on projects undertaken by teaching and learning venues.

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Lecture Capture

All of Oregon State University's classrooms are equipped with flexible and scalable tools for the recording of lectures. It is ideal for supplementing your teaching materials and your students’ notes.

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Media Hub

The UIT Media Hub empowers OSU students, faculty and staff to create media for teaching, learning and outreach activities through access to flexible, dynamic spaces populated with user-friendly media creation technologies and on-site consultation. 541-737-3332.

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Media Services

Media Services provides facilities and equipment for video production or videoconferencing. 

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Presentation Support

Classroom Technologies provides support for installed Audio/Visual Presentation Systems in classrooms, labs and conference spaces. Remote support from our Presentation Support Call Center, and on-site if necessary. "

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Virtual/Remote Event Support

Request remote/virtual support for your event hosted in Zoom (Meetings and Webinars).

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Zoom in the Classroom 

OSU has enhanced technology in more than 300 classrooms to support interactive remote and blended learning.

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