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Everyone has their perfect match. Sometimes it’s just around the corner, other times you have to travel the world in search of it. Wherever your perfect cheeseburger is, it’s out there.

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Some are cheesy, others can be a little dry, and the rare few are a disaster. There are so many cheeseburgers out there it can be hard to commit to just one favourite. That being said, when you know, you just know.


Any day without a cheeseburger in it is a waste. You can find a cheeseburger no matter where you go in the world, so you have no excuse to miss out on the glory that some people can only dream of. Step up to the plate.

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The palatable sensation we lovingly refer to as The Cheeseburger has a distinguished and illustrious history. It was born from humble roots, only to rise to well-seasoned greatness.

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Whether you’re a ketchup and mustard loyalist or you prefer house sauce to no sauce, you can agree that every cheeseburger has it’s own special flair. Top tip: house sauce begs to be ordered on the side for fry-dipping purposes.


From smashed patties at Shake Shack to Glamburgers at Honky Tonk, there’s a little something for everyone. Some burgers are humble, and some are ostentatious, and you just have to try them all to figure out what you want.


The last time you had a cheeseburger was too long ago. Try not to drool when you think about the slightly charred, medium-rare meat nestled between soft brioche, cradled in crisp iceberg lettuce and flavour amplifying condiments. Why are you still reading this- go get a cheeseburger.

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