How do I request Beaver Hub access? 

Beaver Hub access is requested in the same way as other OSU administrative systems, including Banner and OnBase. The internal user submits a Request for Access. In the “Other Notes” section, you must explain the type of data access that is needed in Beaver Hub (see below) and note if the employee should be included in an existing appointment pool or case queue. We recommend using one of these templates if you serve in one of these roles: 

Beaver Hub access requests are reviewed on a weekly basis, and it may take up to two weeks to receive access once approved. 


Do I need Beaver Hub access? 

Beaver Hub is the university’s primary tool for engaging with all current students. Employees with responsibilities that include any of the following characteristics typically need access to the hub:

  • Leverage student records to provide assistance to students
  • Take appointments and meet with students in-person or virtually
  • Provide direct student support
  • Create, edit, or manage knowledge articles or resources for students
  • Assign tasks to students
  • Provide administrative oversight or guidance to other Beaver Hub users


How is the user’s security level determined? 

A user’s security level is based on an individual’s position, responsibilities outlined on the Request for Access form, and CORE access and determines the level of information you can see in the Beaver Hub. The security level is assigned by the Academic Affairs data steward and provisioned by the System Administrator in University Information Technology. Here are the various access levels: 

  • Basic User (OSU SSH Level 1) – directory information and less sensitive FERPA-protected data
  • Case Queue User (OSU SSH Level 2) – most information fed from Banner excluding more sensitive data (e.g., financial aid), plus case comments and posts
  • Success Team User (OSU SSH Level 3 with or without Reg PIN) -- most information fed from Banner excluding more sensitive data (e.g., financial aid), plus notes, emails, case comments and posts
  • Sensitive Data User (OSU SSH Level 4) – most information fed from Banner including sensitive data specific to employee’s unit (e.g., financial aid)
  • Executive User (OSU SSH Level 5) -- most information fed from Banner including sensitive data but excluding financial aid and student health information


What is a permission set? 

You may notice you are able to do something that another employee cannot.  This is because Beaver Hub has permissions sets.  Permissions are assigned based on the individual’s position and responsibilities and permit the user to be included in specific pools and queues as well as perform various roles associated with creation of knowledge and resources and templates.