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Research groups that require purchasing a physical server or storage array, DRI provides colocation service to house these devices.   DRI has a data center room that is secure with video surveillance, cooling, and redundant power.  The colocation fee starts at $203/yr for up to 2U of server rack space.  If more that 2U of server rack space are needed the charge is $84/U/yr up to a maximum charge of $504/yr or 6U of server rack space.  

In addition to the server rack storage fee, each physical server will require server administration fee. For each server the added cost of server management runs at $580/yr for 10 hours of system administration management.  The server management cost covers initial installation of the server, OS and software application install, year round OS system updates and security patches, along with automated 24x7 monitoring of the server.   If for any reason system management time exceeds the 10hrs for the year, an hourly rate of $62 will be applied.