Data Governance


The Oregon State University Community is dedicated to a transparent and collaborative data governance practice that supports the missions and enables an informed populace that uses and understands the data to inform decision making while ensuring information security and stakeholder privacy.

  •  Foster a culture of inquiry that employs data informed decision making to improve measurable outcomes.
  •  Create and grow a trusted and secure data delivery and analytics practice.
  •  Educate and empower the organization and entrust the users to utilize data in the service of the university's missions.


Data Governance Council

  •     Jonathan Dolan (chair)
  •     James Coakley
  •     Patricia Snopkowski
  •     Jon Boeckenstedt
  •     Dorian Smith
  •     Philip Mote
  •     Mark Koenig

 Data Governance Steering Committee

  •     James Coakley (co-chair)
  •     Jonathan Dolan (co-chair)
  •     Lissa Perrone
  •     Jessica DuPont
  •     Michelle Lewis *
  •     Keith Raab
  •     Terri Libert
  •     Maureen Cochran
  •     JoAnne Bunnage
  •     Michael Mandzuk
  •     David McMorries *
  •     Wade Marcum
  •     Vicki Ebbeck
  •     Noah Buckley
  •     Rebecca Mathern
  •    Chrysanthemum Hayes *
  •    Robin Pappas *

* Ex Officio

Data Governance Council Charter

The Data Governance Council is responsible for the oversight and delivery of all strategic data governance decisions, including the overall strategic direction of data, analytics, and decision support for the University. The purpose of the Data Governance Council is to ensure that University's needs are being met in the effective and efficient use of data to enable the OSU to achieve its strategy and goals within acceptable levels of risk. The Council is tasked with and accountable for ensuring that data services advance the University's missions and strategic plan and that expected benefits from data investments are fully realized.

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Data Governance Steering Committee Charter

The Steering Committee operates in advisory and decision-making capacities, with much of its effort directed toward the coordination and fulfillment of functions required to establish and maintain effective data delivery and use for the University.

Central activities for which the Steering Committee is responsible include the following:

  • Developing, documenting, and communicating data standards
  • Ensuring data retention
  • Managing and enforcing rules
  • Establishing “Golden Standard” Data Management, Reference Data Management, and data security standards
  • Resolving data quality elevation issues

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What Are Our Workgroups?

To further the mission of the Data Governance program, the Data Governance Steering committee charges standing and ad hoc working groups to recommend, plan, and implement the data practices and policies. Workgroup membership includes data stewards, data custodians, other university data professionals and subject matter experts.

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