Workgroups in Data Governance

To further the mission of the Data Governance program, the Data Governance Steering committee charges standing and ad hoc working groups to recommend, plan, and implement the data practices and policies. Workgroup membership includes data stewards, data custodians, other university data professionals and subject matter experts.

Race and Ethnicity and Data Management Chairpersons

    Kristin Benson, Office of the Registrar

    Chrysanthemum Hayes, University Information and Technology

Team members

    Brian Palmer (EM - Cascades)

    David Sorenson (AA - OtR)

    Jared Thomas (Grad School)

    Keeley Abbott (EM - IT)

    Nick Martens (UIT - IR)

    Sean McGlothin (UIT - DS)

    Shelby Towns (EM - Admissions)

    Teresita Alverez (OID)

Race and Ethnicity Definitions and Data Management Workgroup

Develop a proposal to address long-standing definitional and data management challenges surrounding the effective use of race and ethnicity data.
  •  Develop standardized operational and accompanying technical definitions for race and ethnicity categories to be proposed to the Steering Committee and Data Governance Council for formal adoption
  •  Propose plans to develop resource for supporting analysts and general data consumers to understand and leverage race and ethnicity data with accuracy and confidence
  •  Propose new processes to correct errors and establish reliable and accurate source of race and ethnicity data

Data Analyst Profile Workgroup

To enable a culture of data informed decision making, this workgroup will review two proposed categories of data analysts and required controls for quality, compliance, and security to enable broad access to university data.

  •  Consider the role for a general data analyst that serves either a VP level administrator or Dean, who requires broad access to actionable data within our new Data platform to answer questions around finances, enrollment, student success, etc.
  •  Consider the role for an institutional analyst that serves OSU broadly and conducts structured formal analysis and data synthesis using both raw data and actionable data to answer non-routine, strategic questions critical to the overall function of the university.
Data Analyst Profile Chairpersons

  Byron Marshal, College of Business

  Lissa Perrone, Business Affairs

Team members

  Niddy Lindsley (PHHS)

  Dane Skinner (Ecampus)

  Lakshmi Srinivasan (CoE/UIT)

  Keith Raab (FinAid)

  Kristin Benson (OtR)

  Terri Libert, (Cascades)