DocuSign will allow you to:

  • Electronically collect signatures.
  • Create online templates.
  • Automate the routing of a template.

Approved Uses

At OSU, DocuSign may be used for signing documents sent from one University employee to another. Documents collecting student information must follow the Digital Signatures and Digital Workflows Policy.  Any other uses must receive additional approval.

Electronic Signatures

If you have documents which you would like to have people sign electronically, start by viewing the DocuSign senders training videos. Once they have been viewed, submit a request to receive DocuSign sender access.


If you need to collect more than just a signature, you will need to work with a designer to create a template. Any employee can become a template designer, simply send an email request for template designer access to [email protected] and complete the template designer training. Becoming a template designer does require access as a sender which requires supervisor authorization.

Once you have a template designer willing to create your template, submit a template design request. Your idea will be reviewed by the OSU DocuSign team. More complex ideas may need to go through business process reengineering (BPR) to ensure you are getting the most value out of DocuSign. If BPR is not required, then your designer can begin working on the form right away.

Once your template is complete, a member of the DocuSign Operations Team, or the Registrars Team if it contains student content, will need to approve your template.

For more details on this process read about DocuSign at OSU.


Request a Signing Group

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Digital Signatures and Digital Workflows Policy