DocuSign and FERPA-Protected Information Protocol

  1. Senders and Designers will review and complete the required training.
  2. Senders and Designers will schedule FERPA consultation with the Associate Registrar - Compliance before sending.
  3. Designers will design templates in the DocuSign development environment.
  4. Designers will request templates be moved to production using Request promotion of template from Development to Prod.
  5. Associate Registrar - Compliance will review requests containing student data for FERPA compliance.
  6. Administrative Technologies will move template(s) to the production environment.
  7. Administrative Technologies will contact the requestor when the move to production has been completed.

You can have three different roles within DocuSign. You can be a signer, a sender and a designer or you can have a combination of these roles. This page lists resources that are relevant for each of these roles. If you are looking for non-OSU specific information please visit or consult the DocuSign User Guide.