Duo two-step login protects your personal information and the university's data by ensuring you are you when you login to your OSU account. It works because it relies on something that only you know (your password) and something that you have (a mobile device, security key, etc). 

What is Duo?

Two-step login, powered by Duo, protects your OSU account by verifying your identity with two forms of ID:

  • Something you know, such as your password.
  • Something you have, such as a phone or security key.

Why do I want it?

By protecting your OSU account with Duo, you can reduce the risk of someone gaining access to your account. If someone has access to your OSU account, they could:

  • Change your financial aid direct deposit
  • Commit identity fraud
  • Read and send your email
  • See student health records

How do I use it?

The Duo Mobile app for iOS and Android is the most popular option for authenticating with Duo. We also support security keys.

Authentication Methods

There are several available options for authenticating with Duo two-step login - you can use your mobile device, or security key, or even Touch ID on compatible MacBook laptops.


The Duo Mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to use Duo, available for iOS and Android devices. This authentication method works by sending a "push" to your device to verify your login attempt.

 Download for iOS Download for Android


If you have a MacBook laptop with a fingerprint reader and use Google Chrome as your web browser, you can use your laptop for Duo authentication. See if your device is compatible and add it as a Duo device.


If you prefer having a dedicated device for Duo, you can use a security key.

Security Keys
  • Security keys are USB devices which will perform the second-factor authentication when activated by touch or button-press. You can use a security key for Duo at OSU, as well as personal accounts, such as Google, DropBox, Facebook, and many password managers. Learn more about security keys and compatible devices.

Where to Get Security Keys

  • Students and other members of the OSU Community (including emeritus, associates, and sponsored accounts) may purchase one in person at the OSU Beaver Store.
  • All employees need to go through normal department purchasing methods. Employees are not required to purchase a security key with their own funds.

  • Students who need a security key and have financial concerns should contact the Basic Needs Center.