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University Human Resources (UHR) and Payroll is excited to offer our university a new, easier, and more efficient HR experience. Please, come and experience it!


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Through the Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) project, in partnership with University Information & Technology, you’ll encounter:

  •  Streamlined onboarding and offboarding processes for OSU employers and employees;
  •  New self-service options, including a virtual agent/chatbot, a service catalog, and a central knowledgebase with answers to frequently asked questions;
  •  Fewer manual processes and more consistent workflows, with helpful guidance at each step along the way;
  •  UHR and Payroll employees who will be more available for consultation on more complex HR issues given fewer manual processes.

The HRSD project is the first and leading part of a long-term strategic university initiative that will modernize and improve the faculty, staff, and student experience of administrative processes.


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Training Materials and Opportunities

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Human Resources Service Delivery QRG

Employee Service Portal
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Human Resources Service Delivery

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Should a stall in the process occur, will the Benny Bot be able to pinpoint where the stall has occured? Specifically user issue or waiting on new hire?

Will [email protected] continue to be a way to access HR with questions through email?

When will existing employees be added to the system?

Has there been user testing of the new system?

When does an employee have access to the Employee Service Portal?

What types of employees will be supported by the new onboarding process?

For offboarding are there tie-ins with other offices besides HR & Payroll? Like UIT and DFA IT for access?

How will these changes impact student hiring?

I am hiring 3 part-time instructors this week for winter term. Do I process all as in the past?

Is there a way to make the steps clearer for new hires? Like, step one create ONID, step two etc. Many of our new hires get one letter with a long list of “stuff” and do not understand what to do to get into their courses.

As an office manager with multiple duties and systems to navigate, it would be wonderful if a simple STEP BY STEP guide could be provided. Is that a possibility?

Many HR Liaisons actually do the onboarding and answer all the questions rather than the supervisors - can we be included on any onboarding so we know what’s happening?

During the phase 1 roll-out, will we be doing parallel processes (using both the existing system and the new) as backup?

On day one, will the new employee have all of the systems access required for their position? For example, Banner, BennyBuy, Total Contract Manager, TouchNet, etc.?

How will this system help streamline various processes for HR liaisons?

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