IT Governance

IT Governance establishes and maintains processes that create transparency, clarity, accountability, and equity in strategic IT investments; ensures alignment to university strategic priorities; and documents outcomes of strategic IT activities.


Enterprise Information Investment Committee (EIIC)

The EIIC is composed of OSU community members from across the university who represent the primary areas where IT investments will be made based on OSU SP 4.0 and IT Strategic Plan 2023. Members include those representing teaching, learning, research, extension and administration.

Purpose of the EIIC

Its purpose is to ensure the effective and efficient use of technology that will enable OSU to achieve its strategy and goals. The committee is also tasked with ensuring that technology services advance the university’s goals and mission as well as being accountable for the realization of expected value and benefits from strategic information and technology investments.

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EIIC Members

Voting Members  

  • Paul Odenthal  // DFA 
  • Maureen Cochran // Student Affairs 
  • Alix Gitelman // Academic Affairs 
  • Rick Settersten // Faculty Affairs 
  • Jonathan Kaplan // Teaching Faculty Representative 
  • Andy Dong // Research Faculty Representative 
  • Tim Carroll // Dean Representative 
  • Anthony Koppers // Research Operations 
  • Bob Cowen // Research 
  • Ivory Lyles // Extension & Engagement  


  • Andrea Ballinger // CIO 

Permanent Guests 

  • David McMorries // CISO 

IT Governance Structure

Capability Area Committees

Proposed launch: Fall 2022

Advises on and prioritizes IT investments that advance the university’s teaching and learning mission. The Committee is tasked with strategic planning, prioritization, and needs identification for academic computing and digital supports for curriculum development, academic program assessment, and the overall teaching and learning experience.

Supporting Subcommittee: [email protected] Advisory Group

The [email protected] Advisory Groupguides the design, implementation and development of the [email protected] ecosystem in alignmentwith OSU’s strategic goals as defined by the Enterprise Information Investment Committee (EIIC).

  • Chair: Lynn Greenough, Associate Director of Learning Platform Services, University Information and Technology
  • Mike Bailey, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Tasha Biesinger, Academic Technologies, University Information and Technology
  • Stefanie Buck, Director of Open Educational Resources
  • Raffaele De Amicis, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculty
  • David Rios, Analyst Programmer, Academic Technologies, University Information and Technology
  • Kristina Case, Interim Director, Academic Technologies, University Information and Technology
  • Michael Jefferis, Office of the Registrar
  • Cub Kahn, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Robin Pappas, Information & Technology Governance Program Manager, University Information and Technology
  • TBD, Associated Students of Oregon State University
  • Randy Ocampo, Assistive Technology Manager, Disability Access Services
  • Rene Reitsma, Professor, College of Business
  • Karen Watte,Director of Ecampus Course Development and Training
  • Zach Welhouse, Online Learning Librarian, OSU Libraries
  • Weiwei Zhang,Academic Technologies, University Information and Technology

Advises on and prioritizes IT investments that advance the university’s strategic priorities for student success and experience.

  Supporting Subcommittee: CRM Steering Committee
  • Jon Boeckenstedt, Enrollment Management, Chair
  • Andrea Ballinger, UIT
  • Steph Bernell, Graduate School
  • Susan Gardner, College of Education
  • Alix Gitelman, Academic Affairs
  • Dan Larson, Student Affairs
  • Rebecca Mathern, Office of the Registrar
  • Prem Mathew, College of Business, Functional Team
  • Erica Lomax, UIT, Technical Team

Proposed launch: Fall 2022

Advises on and prioritizes IT investments that advance the university’s outreach and engagement mission.

Advises on university-wide investment decisions taken in support of the university’s research mission and strategic priorities, including the strategic direction of the university’s digital research infrastructure. The group is tasked with representing the breadth of research endeavors at Oregon State across all disciplines and varieties of scale.

  • Steph Bernell, Associate Dean, Graduate School
  • Jenn Creighton, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, Office of Research
  • Nicole Dolan, Director of Budget Development, Finance and Administration
  • Shawn Donkin, Associate Dean for Research, College of Agricultural Sciences and Associate Director, Agricultural Experiment Station
  • Mark Farley, Strategic Initiatives and Communications Manager, HMSC
  • Izabela Gutowska, Assistant Professor, Nuclear Science & Engineering
  • Marie Harvey, Associate Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
  • Amy McLaughlin, Executive Director, Technical and Solutions Architecture, University Information and Technology
  • Andrey Morgun, Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Faculty Senate Research Council representative
  • Jane Nichols, University Library Research Services Coordinator
  • Brian Sidlauskas, Associate Professor, Fisheries, Wildlife, and ConservationS ciences and Curator of Fishes
  • Xiang (Shawn) Xiang, Cascades MakerSpace Manager, OSU Cascades Campus
Non-voting members
  • Marjorie McLagan, Deputy Chief Information Officer, University Information and Technology
  • David Barber, Executive Director for Strategic Innovation, University Information and Technology
  • Robert Yelle, High Performance Computing Manager, College of Engineering

  Advises on strategic data governance decisions, including the overall strategic direction of data, analytics, and decision support for the university to ensure that the university’s needs are being met in the effective and efficient use of data.

  • Chair: Jon Dolan, Deputy CIO and Interim Chief Data Officer
  • Jon Boeckenstedt, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management
  • James Coakley, Senior Associate Dean for Analytics and Operations, College of Business
  • Mark Koenig, Chief Innovation Officer and Vice President, Technology, OSU Foundation
  • Patricia Snopkowski, Chief Audit, Risk and Compliance Executive
  • Dorian Smith, Faculty Senate Executive Committee and Director, Dr. Lawrence Griggs Office of Black & Indigenous Student Success, Educational Opportunities Program
  • Lisa Templeton, Associate Provost, Ecampus
  • Robin Pappas, Information and Technology Governance Program Manager

Supporting Committee

Data Governance Steering Committee 

Identifies, facilitates, documents, and monitors enterprise-level data management activities necessary for the effective and efficient use of data within acceptable levels of risk. 


  • James Coakley, Senior Associate Dean for Analytics and Operations, College of Business 
  • Jon Dolan, Deputy CIO and Interim Chief Data Officer 


  • Noah Buckley, Director of Admissions 
  • JoAnne Bunnage, Assistant Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation 
  • Maureen Cochran, Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives & Assessment, Student Affairs 
  • Jessica DuPont, Executive Director of Market Development and the Student Experience,  Ecampus 
  • Vicki Ebbeck, Interim Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences 
  • Terri Libert, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, OSU Cascades 
  • Wade Marcum, Executive Associate Dean, College of Engineering 
  • Rebecca Mathern, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar 
  • Lissa Perrone, Director of Business Affairs, Finance and Administration 
  • Keith Raab, Director of Financial Aid 

Non-voting members 

  • Shayne Huddleston, Enterprise Architect 
  • Michelle Lewis, Portfolio Management Office Program Manager 
  • David McMorries, CISO 
  • Robin Pappas, Information Governance Program Manager 

am Manager

Advises on and prioritizes IT investments that support the University’s business capabilities and advance its strategic priorities   


Administrative Modernization Program Steering Committee 

Provides strategic advisement regarding the re-engineering of core administrative HR, student, and finance tools and processes, and the deployment of AI and automated workflows in the cloud.  

[Membership to be confirmed Summer 2022] 

Assists the Chief Information Security Officer in the governance of the Information Security Program by establishing and maintaining a framework to ensure that information security strategies are aligned with and support business objectives, are consistent with applicable laws and regulations, and provide assignment of responsibility, all in an effort to manage risk. 

Chair: David McMorries, Chief Information Security Officer 


  • David McMorries, CISO and Assistant Vice Provost (Co-Chair),   

  • Byron Marshall,  Assistant Dean for Assessment, Accreditation and Analytics, College of Business (Co-Chair) [Rotating]  

  • Kevin McGrath, Senior Instructor, College of Engineering  

  • Terralyn Vandetta, Director, Forestry Computing Resources  

  • Andrew Wheeler, Director, UIT Customer Experience  

  • Vacant, Senior IT Auditor, Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance  

  • Ben Wessel, Senior Director of IT, Department of Finance and Administration  

  • Christina McKnight, Director of Insurance and Risk Management Services  

  • Lucas Turpin (Office of Extension and Engagement)  

  • Marjorie McLagan, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer