Students should always be on the look out for employment/internship scams that aim to empty your bank account rather than give the pay they promise! Learn more here

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A Message From David McMorries,

The Chief Information Security Officer 

Friday, February 17, 2023

Dear OSU Community,

As we get deeper into 2023, I’m happy to share that UIT is making great progress on the new Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) tool!  The IGA tool is a key enabler for the OSU community to have access to the right system, and the right data at the right time.  We are targeting moving the current ONID credential process to the IGA by the end of June, and then later in the year work on other credentials—like system administration accounts and the famous “DINO” accounts.  Also we will be working with stakeholders to define “roles” to be used to provide more discrete access strategies that will simplify what is today a very convoluted process.  Think of a “role” as a type of access need—like “Advisor,” or “Data Analyst.”  So, keep an eye out for more communication about this!

About this time of year is when we see tax scams start to come out.  While cyber scams are often themed with the time of year, the threat is constant.  Please look over e-mails you receive for any signs of phishy intent.  Was this an e-mail from someone you normally do not communicate with?  Is there a sense of urgency associated with the message?  Does the e-mail address look right?  Are the banners telling you the e-mail is coming from outside OSU, or is from someone you do not communicate with often?  Please report any e-mail that looks like a phish; we prefer that you report using the Microsoft Outlook “Report a message” feature in the Outlook Client, mobile Outlook Client or Outlook Web Mail, but you can send reports to [email protected] as well.

The Beav’s are getting ready for baseball which means Spring is near!


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The Office of Information Security is here to assist you in your efforts to keep your network resources protected. We coordinate with academic and administrative units to help develop policy, benchmark and assess our level of risk and educate and inform our community on best practices. We offer Risk Assessment and Forensics services as well as vulnerability scanning.

For a list of current known exploited vulnerabilities, visit the CISA catalog for a full list. To learn more about the resources available for IT Professionals, visit the Infosec Guidebook.


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Cyber attackers will be looking for ways to steal info from your computing devices, so we want to arm you with some great resources to protect yourself! Navigate to our Resources tab to familiarize yourself with some OIS terminology using our Glossary, or check out the newest in security news. 

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