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A Message From David McMorries,

The Chief Information Security Officer 

Fall Term, 2023

Dear OSU Community,

Welcome back to campus!  When students and faculty are away during the summer, all our campuses and facilities lose the energy that you all bring when you are here.  I am so happy to see everyone back doing the fantastic things that Beaver Nation is known for.

Over the summer, the Office of Information Security and the IT community have been busy making things better and safer for you.  The biggest news is the movement of the students into the Microsoft 365 e-mail service.  For my team, this move enables us to provide better protections for students than we could before.  I have to thank the students for their patience on this move—I know it has caused disruptions, and I hope you will see the benefits beyond the security-related ones--easier collaboration with faculty and your peers for one.

We are also starting to think about what a “passwordless” future for OSU looks like.  We are currently working on a pilot for the IT community, and we will apply these lessons to the broader OSU community.  Keep your eyes and ears open for communication about this exciting effort.

As we return to campus, I would encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with how to report any information security concerns or incidents.  Everyone can now use the built-in Microsoft phishing reporting tool.  A knowledge base article about this capability can be found HERE.

Our Security Operations Center has seen increased threats to the OSU Community—there are employment scams that target students, financial scams that target staff, and phishing attacks that seek to gather passwords and ONID information from us all.  For OSU to remain “Cyber Safe” everyone must be vigilant.  If something in an e-mail seems to be too good to be true, it probably is!  If someone sent an e-mail that is asking you to do something right now, take the time to be sure it is legitimate.  And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to us.

Enjoy the Fall Term, welcome back to school, and Go Beavs!


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Cyber attackers will be looking for ways to steal info from your computing devices, so we want to arm you with some great resources to protect yourself! Navigate to our Resources tab to familiarize yourself with some OIS terminology using our Glossary, or check out the newest in security news. 


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The Office of Information Security is here to assist you in your efforts to keep your network resources protected. We coordinate with academic and administrative units to help develop policy, benchmark and assess our level of risk and educate and inform our community on best practices. We offer Risk Assessment and Forensics services as well as vulnerability scanning.

For a list of current known exploited vulnerabilities, visit the CISA catalog for a full list. To learn more about the resources available for IT Professionals, visit the Infosec Guidebook.


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