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The Office of Information Security provides security training for departments on campus that deal with Confidential and Sensitive Information, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

To learn more about this training, or to schedule a training event for your department, please contact us.



Online Training Available



Oregon State Staff

There are multiple online training modules related to cybersecurity and the development of good cyber hygiene practices that are available to OSU staff members. These training are accessible via the bridge app portal. 

Employee Online Training


Oregon State Students

OIS has designed many training modules as well as knowledge checks (if you already feel confident in a subject) for Oregon State Students. These modules can be accessed by OSU students via the bridge app portal.

Student Online Training

protecting passwords

Learn important steps to take when creating passwords and how to best keep your passwords safe. 

cybersecurity protection tips

Tips and tricks that all members of the OSU community should know before using the university network.


Infographics Available




Community Awareness



Check out our Community Awareness page to learn what harmful techniques are most used by cyber-criminals that attack educational-based communities such as ours here at Oregon State University.