Information Security Online Training 

OIS offers many online training opportunities through the Bridge training application. Different variations of these training modules exist for faculty/staff and students, and topics range from social media to international travel. See below for the comprehensive list of online training modules. 

LinkedIn Learning LogoOregon State has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to offer a new and personalized way for the OSU community to learn! LinkedIn Learning offers 16,000+ courses organized into brief chapters taught by accomplished instructors and recognized industry experts. New videos are added weekly at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. OIS has worked with the University's Human Resources department to create two of our own LinkedIn Learning collections. These collections contain resources we found useful to both the university community as well as the IT pro community. 


You are the Shield

The Office of Information Security recommends that everyone in the Oregon State community enrolls in the "You are the Shield" training. This training highlights the importance of each individual's role in protecting our digital community here at Oregon State University.


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Information Security Training

Browsing Safely: 

Information on how to keep yourself safe when using internet browsers.

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Email & Phishing: 

Learn how to determine if an email is legitimate, and how to handle phishing email scams. 

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What to do if you think you have been hacked by a malicious actor. 

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International Travel: 

Learn how to make sure your devices are properly secured before traveling internationally.

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How to keep your devices protected from malicious software, otherwise known as malware.

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Mobile Devices: 

We rely more and more on our mobile devices every day. Learn how to keep them protected. 

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Learn the importance of optimal password creation and management.

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Privileged Access:

Learn about the added security risks involved with having privileged access to OSU systems.

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Senior Leadership: 

Learn how senior leadership should properly manage information security.

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Social Networks:

Learn about how much access social media companies have to your life, and how to stay safe on these apps.

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