In keeping with Oregon State University's community of shared of governance, we engage our partners and customers in the following ways to steer the overall IT enterprise.

      Executive Governance

      Data Governance Council

      • Purpose: The data governance council acts on behalf of the Provost to recommend a balanced, strategic approach to data practices and policy.
      • Contact: Michael Hansen, Executive Director, Institutional Analytics & Reporting
      • Website: Data Governance Council Website

      Instructional Technology Governance Council

      • Purpose: The Instructional Technology Governance Council is a senior level governance committee that guides the directions and investments for technology to support the learning enterprise at OSU. It is not intended to be representational of university units. Rather, it is comprised of university leaders who bring broad thinking and represent university interests, guiding investments and future directions.
      • Contact: David Goodrum, Director, Academic Technology
      • Website: ITGC Website

      IT Security Advisory Council

      • Purpose: The purpose of the IT Security Advisory Council is to help the university effectively manage risk.
      • Contact: David McMorries, CISO

      Advisory Groups

      [email protected]

      • Purpose: The [email protected] Advisory Committee guides the design, implementation and development of the [email protected] ecosystem in alignment with OSU’s strategic goals as defined by the Instructional Technology Governance Committee (ITGC).
      • Contact: Lynn Greenough, Associate Director, Learning Platform Services
      • Website: Website 

      DX/Mobile Advisory Group

      • Contact: Derek Whiteside, Director, Web and Mobile Services

      Web Advisory Group

      • Contact: Matt Hansen, Associate Director, Web and Mobile Services

      Administrative Computing Users Group

      • Contact: Chris Young, Associate Director, Enterprise Computing Services

      IT Coordinating Council

      • Purpose: The Information Technology Coordination Committee (ITCC) provides a forum for information sharing and identifies opportunities for collaboration among units responsible for technology across Oregon State University in order to advance OSU's mission and goals.
      • Contact: Scott Emery, Director, IT Relations
      • Website: ITCC Website