Investment Principles

New investments in technology must meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Enable substantial and measurable progress toward Strategic Plan 3.0
  • Provide a positive measurable return on investment
  • Reduce risk by an amount that justifies the investment

The top trends shaping OSU’s IT investments and priorities are:

Intense Scrutiny on Learner Success

We must enable the necessary curricular and co-curricular approaches that allow learners to thrive, learn and graduate. New demographics of learners need more flexibility in pacing and credentialing. Across all forms of learning, data is essential to understand what works, measure progress and improve outcomes.

Big Data and the Internet of Things

Past practices for IT services must evolve toward contemporary approaches that support computing on massive and personalized scales. Vast arrays of increasingly smart instrumentation underpin OSU’s natural resources, engineering, science, and human- focused research enterprise, enabling cutting edge research while creating data in massive streams that require ever-increasing computational, storage and network capacities.

Speed and Flexibility

Through the private sector, academic partnerships, and university resources, these solutions support new forms of work, research and learning. Regular change and improvement is a hallmark of this new paradigm, enabling (and requiring) that our community quickly and regularly adopt new tools and services.

Cyberthreats to Information and Systems

Cyberthreats are pervasive, threatening the reliability of our systems and data, and posing the risk of harm and loss for the university and the members of our community. It is essential that we remain current with security tools and practices to prevent attacks and loss of data, and the OSU community must be knowledgeable and diligent in protecting their personal and shared resources.