What is Namecoach?


At Oregon State University, we believe that everyone deserves to be addressed by their correct name. That's why we've implemented Namecoach, a powerful tool that makes it easy to record and share your name pronunciation, and listen to name recordings made by others. You can use a computer, tablet, or mobile device to create the recording. You can edit or delete your recorded name pronunciation at any time.

Using Namecoach is one way to help make OSU a more inclusive place to learn, work and grow.

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How can I use Namecoach in Canvas?

Why Namecoach?

At Oregon State University we recognize that diversity and excellence go hand-in-hand, enhancing our teaching, scholarship, and service as well as our ability to welcome, respect, and interact with other people. Aligned with this core value, the Namecoach platform will help to:

  • Enable faculty, staff, and students to be more respectful and inclusive in every interaction.  

  • Build a sense of belonging and community across the campus.   

  • Alleviate challenges and negative experiences with name mispronunciation .