Welcome to the Office of Information Security Website Scavenger Hunt

Learn more about OIS, what we do, and how to keep your information safe while competing for a prize!






Become more familiar with our website and increase your cybersecurity awareness by finding the answers to the questions.






Scavenger Hunt List: 

  1. What is the easiest way to get in contact with the Office of Information Security?
  2. What is the rule of thumb when it comes to dealing with potential scams?
  3. What are the four types of confidential data?
  4. Where can you go to find all “How to” style documents?
  5. What is the recommended length for a strong password?
  6. What training does OIS recommend all OSU community members take?
  7. In our "You are the Shield" training, what does the speaker state is the easiest way cyber attackers have found to get what they want?
  8. What tip does Deputy CISO Marjorie McLagan highlight in our May 20th FYI Friday - Go Phish: How to spot Email Scams session to use when checking suspicious links in an email?