This policy defines the expectations for user's behavior and use of the university's computing environment and resources to assure their appropriate use.

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  Who is this policy for?

This policy applies to all academic, research, and administrative departments and offices at all Oregon State University locations; all university faculty, staff, students, visitors, contractors and affiliates; and all resources, systems, infrastructure, devices, facilities and applications in the university's computing portfolio, whether located on university property or accessed remotely.

  Why do we have this policy?

To assure the appropriate use of the university's computing infrastructure and resources. This policy establishes responsibilities and limitations associated with the use of the university computing environment.


Law & Ethics

The use of university computing resources is subject to the generally accepted tenets of legal and ethical behavior within the university community. The standards of behavior expected of community members extend to the virtual environment as well. Explore the Baseline Standards of Care to learn more about taking care of university data and resources.



The university does reserve the right to monitor individual computer usage but does not do so as a practice. Additional information or listed resources regarding this portion of the policy can be noted here.


Personal Use

Computer resources that belong to the university are intended for business use. These resources may be used for personal use only if it is minimal and does not interfere with university business.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I keep personal files like pictures or music on my work computer?

University policy does not forbid this. Generally speaking, some personal use of OSU computers is acceptable as long as is doesn’t interfere with university business. Talk to your supervisor if you’re unsure.

Is my computer activity being monitored?

The university does reserve the right to monitor individual computer usage but does not do so as a regular practice. For more information, check out the ‘Responsibilities & Procedures’ section of the full policy.

Do I have to have a password on my phone to access OSU data?

Yes. the Baseline Standards of Care describe this and other actions you are expected to take in order to safeguard OSU data.

Can I take home old hardware that is getting surplused?

No. Hardware disposal of this kind must be handled through Surplus Property.

What type of computer use is forbidden?

While there is not an exhaustive list of things you can't do with computer resources, there are two things that your use may not do; interfere with university business or actively degrade a computer resource.