Culture and Community Award

The Culture and Community award recognizes an individual who works to make the OSU IT community more inclusive and equitable. They may address gaps and disparities in IT hiring practices or improve onboarding and training for staff. They may ensure the accessibility of online applications and web sites, or eliminate barriers in physical learning spaces. They may be identifying ways to decrease bias in systems, practices or procedures.

Culture and Community Award Details


Customer Service Award

The Customer Service Award celebrates an IT staff member who establishes and maintains positive and effective working relationships with fellow staff, faculty, students, and internal/external customers. They create a welcoming environment for community members and communicate positively and courteously. They display initiative and resourcefulness when troubleshooting problems or facing challenges and are conscientious in ensuring resolution to customer issues.

Customer Service Award Details


Data Services Award

The OSU IT Data Services award recognizes an individual who works to ensure the university’s data is robust, reliable, consistent and unified. They are diligent in their practice in managing and/or designing the structures that promote data as a strategic asset and allowing the OSU community to have the right data at the right time through the right method. They demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of our data ecosystem.

Data Services Award Details


Exemplary Student Employee Award

The OSU IT Student Award celebrates the contributions of an individual student worker. Student IT staff deliver exceptional customer service, develop applications, build web pages, run social media feeds, monitor servers, respond to phishing threats, and much, much more. We value their work and support their learning in their IT positions as well as in their courses.

Student Award Details


Security Services Award

The Security Services award recognizes the essential contributions of an individual or group in keeping the OSU IT ecosystem secure. They are vigilant in tracking and recognizing potential threats. They devise structures, practices, or policies to help monitor applications, systems, services, servers and other endpoints. They communicate with the OSU IT community to collaborate on solutions. They are dedicated to continuously improving the security stance of the university.

Security Award Details


Technical Services Award 

The OSU IT Technical Services Award recognizes an individual for their exemplary technical IT contributions toward creating a resilient, agile IT environment at OSU. Using their technical skills, they may enhance and streamline the digital experience, and/or improve the learning and working environment at OSU through the deployment of technology.

Technical Award Details