About the Award 

The OSU IT Data Services award recognizes an individual who works to ensure the university’s data is robust, reliable, consistent and unified. They are diligent in their practice in managing and/or designing the structures that promote data as a strategic asset and allowing the OSU community to have the right data at the right time through the right method. They demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement of our data ecosystem.  

Award: Recipient will receive a monetary award and recognition at the May 18, 2023 OSU IT Plenary event.

Eligibility: All faculty, staff, and students in UIT and distributed IT are eligible for the award. Nominations can come from anyone in the OSU IT community. Self-nominations are welcomed.


Any member of the OSU IT community – faculty, staff or student – may submit a nomination form. Information that will be needed for the nomination is: 

  1. Nominee's name and email. 

  1. Nominator's name and email (so we may contact you, if we have questions). 

  1. A 500-word paragraph describing the individual’s or team’s exceptional contributions to culture and community at OSU. Consider the impact of the nominee's contributions. 

Deadline: 5PM, Friday, March 31, 2023