About the Award 

The OSU IT Student Award celebrates the contributions of an individual student worker. Student IT staff deliver exceptional customer service, develop applications, build web pages, run social media feeds, monitor servers, respond to phishing threats, and much, much more. We value their work and support their learning in their IT positions as well as in their courses. 

Award: Recipient will receive a monetary award and recognition at the May 18, 2023 OSU IT Plenary event.

Eligibility: All current student employees in OSU IT are eligible for the award. 


If you are aware of a student whose IT work has been exemplary, please consider submitting a nomination. Nominations can come from anyone in the OSU IT community. Self-nominations are welcomed. 

Information needed for the nomination: 

  1. Nominee's name and email 

  1. Nominator's name and email (so we may contact you, if we have questions) 

  1. Up to 500-words describing the individual’s or team’s advancement of OSU IT’s diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Please describe the impact of the nominee's contributions! 

Deadline: 5PM, Friday, March 31, 2023