Oregon State University Strategic Plan 4.0 inspires us to bring our most effective and creative instructional practices to bear in the service of Goal Two: Provide a transformative education that is accessible to all learners. In particular, it calls for targeted investments that enable faculty and staff to "[P]rovide distinctive curricula and support innovative pedagogy to advance our mission" and the fulfillment of Vision 2030.

In the interest of upholding this investment in faculty and staff contributions to learner success, we are pleased to announce the request for proposals for the 2019-2020 Learning Innovation Grants.

The Learning Innovation Grants funding model evolved from the previous Technology Resource Fund (TRF). The purpose of the grants is to propagate successful practices, raise the visibility of great teaching, and improve pedagogy through identified learning strategies. Grants will be awarded to actionable projects implemented on the OSU Corvallis campus that deploy technology in ways that align to specific learning outcomes and directly enhance learners’ experiences. Proposers must provide a rationale for how the project improves student learning.

Awards will be offered in two categories.

Individual Grants (up to $10K)

Please see the list of past funded grants

These awards help faculty at the OSU Corvallis campus bring innovation to the learning experience by providing seed funding for pilot projects or other educational technology efforts.

These are one-time grants, not an ongoing service fund.


Scaled Grants (up to $100K)

Scaled Grants will be awarded to multi-departmental teams at the OSU Corvallis campus who are launching new initiatives or expanding existing ones. Co-contributed resources of staff time and/or funds are expected, and a sustainability plan for maintaining the initiative should be included with the proposal. Deans need to review and actively support the project. Projects should directly contribute to student learning and experience: although research may be conducted on a funded project, the grant funds are not intended to support research itself.

Applications for Scaled Grants will be accepted in Winter 2020.