The Technology Commons Fund is structured to provide stable funding for core campus technologies that support student success at OSU. Many of these services were previously funded by the TRF. Funding for these technologies and services will be budgeted annually in the spring.

TCF Portfolio

The TCF supports three major categories of technology infrastructure and services:

  1. Instructional Delivery. These help instructors deliver their classes. Investments include:
    • Learning Management System and related software (Blackboard, Canvas, Kaltura …)
    • Instructor Technology Support (Technology Across the Curriculum)
    • Technology (AV) Enhanced Learning Spaces (Projectors, whiteboards, audio systems and related audio-visual equipment in classrooms, labs, and other instructional spaces.)
    • Instructional Computer Labs (Places with computers--classrooms, labs and other kinds of instructional environments, where classes are delivered or instructional support is offered.)
  2. Student Productivity - support for student work with multiple classes and individual projects, e.g., graduate research. Investments include:
    • Open Computer Labs and Shared Laptops (Valley Library Commons, Milne and other resources)
    • Student Helpdesks
    • Poster Printing
    • Video/Photo Equipment (Cameras, light kits, audio recorders …)
  3. Foundational - This is technology that supports multiple services for instructors and students. It includes:
    • Software Licenses (Desktop software, e.g., AutoCAD, and cloud software, e.g., Qualtrics)
    • Wireless Network
    • Identity Management (Your ONID)
    • Application Delivery
    • Shared Server and Storage Infrastructure

The TCF does not support the cost of technology infrastructure needed as a result of new construction or renovation projects. Those costs must be covered through project budgets.

Major Projects

During the past year, in addition to ongoing support for current services, the TCF has supported a number of key initiatives, including the following:

  • Promoting Office365
  • Implementing software that lets students print from their own devices
  • Reviewing the University’s current Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard, and planning the transition to a new LMS, Canvas
  • Upgrading the Library’s connection to the campus network and its wireless network

FY15 TCF Funding

Funding for the current fiscal year (July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015) has already been allocated. A detailed inventory of TCF supported computer labs, classrooms, software licenses, and other items will be added to this site. Lists of past grants from the Technology Resources Fund are also available. These can be consulted to understand the technologies and services previously funded by the TRF in past years and now maintained through the TCF.

FY16 TCF Funding and Governance

A Priority Setting Committee has been appointed to advise on the allocation of TCF in future fiscal years (FY16- ). When it starts meeting this fall, this committee will review priorities for the TCF, advise on the allocation of funds between major functional categories, e.g., funds for software licenses vs. computer labs, and insure the alignment between TCF expenditures and the University’s Strategic Plan and its Strategic Plan for Information Technology.

Committee members are:

A variety of constituency groups will also be consulted regarding individual programs. For example, an extensive consultation process involving the Faculty Senate, individual students, and faculty, among others, was conducted prior to the decision to change the University’s Learning Management System from Blackboard to Canvas. College IT managers have been consulted about issues like wireless management and printing.