Zoom for the Conference Room

Bring your room to life using an existing video conference room system or a Zoom Room.

Standard Video Conferencing

Zoom Rooms

Cisco/Polycom Video Conferencing System (Room System)

Dial In Method (Standard Method)

  1. From a video conferencing system panel, select Zoom from Contacts.
    • If Zoom is not listed as a favorite under Contacts, or your room system uses a remote instead of a touch panel, dial
  2. Enter the Meeting ID when prompted, followed by #.
    • If you are the host, enter your host key if prompted.

Detailed instructions with images are available the Knowledge Base article:
Cisco/Polycom Room System with a Zoom Meeting - Standard Process

Call Out Method

The ability to invite a room system using the “Call Out” feature available depends on aging hardware that will be decommissioned.  This change is slated to take place in mid-December.  Please use the standard "Dial In" method from a room system, described above and available within Zoom's interface when selecting "Invite a Room System".  

Get Help with using Zoom with a Room System

For room system support, Contact Presentation Support at 541-737-3806.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms are video conference systems dedicated to utilizing Zoom in meeting rooms.  Zoom Rooms provide an integrated experience for audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing. Zoom Rooms can be used for room only attendees or remote attendees joining from another room, from their desktop, or from their mobile device. OSU plans to implement Zoom Rooms throughout the year.  

Please contact [email protected] for more information on Zoom Rooms and support.