Academic Technologies

Our mission is to enrich OSU’s academic ecosystem, enable innovative pedagogy and information sharing through effective use of technology, and enhance the student experience.

We attain our mission through:

  • Leadership in understanding and applying instructional and communication technology trends and innovations
  • Investing in products and services that align and integrate with the goals and needs of OSU students and faculty
  • Maximizing the University’s investments through user support, training and resource maintenance

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Our Services


Classroom Technology Services

Providing instructional and presentation technology for classrooms, labs, and seminar and conference spaces.

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Learning Platform Services

Providing technical, operational and user support for Learn@OregonState, OSU’s dynamic learning ecosystem that allows the OSU community to manage a broad array of teaching and learning resources in one succinct space.

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Media Hub

Providing multimedia facilities, equipment and support for academic projects. 

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Media Services

Producing media and instructional products for media networks, web applications, and television. Staff also support videoconferencing, broadcasting and streaming infrastructure.

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Technical Services

Providing audio/video engineering support and consultation, design and installation of innovative media solutions for learning and collaboration spaces and event facilities.

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Guiding Priciples


We strive to build long-term relationships that improve services and gain efficiencies.

Campus Focused

We accept our responsibility as a central service and consider campus-wide needs and long-term benefits in all activities and investments.


We take pride in our collaborative approach in fostering and growing innovative uses of technology to meet campus needs and solve problems.

Client Focused

We provide one-to-one support and consultation in all our core functions.

Outcome Focused

We consider careful planning and broad input as key in designing applications and services, and we consider assessment and evaluation as components in ongoing support.

Transparent Technology

We understand technologies as tools to advance and improve communication, learning and outreach. We remain focused on the human activities when advancing technology.

Higher Education Engagement


The Learn@OregonState Advisory Committee is the Educational IT Governance subcommittee and advisory committee that guides the design, implementation and development of the Learn@OregonState ecosystem in alignment with OSU’s strategic goals as defined by the Instructional Technology Governance Committee (ITGC). 

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Oregon WiN

A consortium formed in 1995 with six member institutions, including Oregon State University, that use the lease income from EBS licensing for instruction media programs on their respective campuses. 

OSU Commencement Planning Committee

The Commencement Planning Committee members serve in an advisory capacity to the Provost and Executive Vice President and are responsible for planning and implementing OSU’s university-wide Commencement ceremony (held in Corvallis) and advising on the coordination of unit Commencement ceremonies, including those held at OSU-Cascades and at the department, school, and college levels.

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Epson Higher Education Advisory Council

Membership in the advisory council that will comprise of a small group of thought leaders and technology decision makers from prominent higher education institutions across North America and is intended to provide a venue for the exchange of ideas and insights on the future of ProAV in facilitating instruction, learning, and collaboration. 

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165 SW Sackett Place
Corvallis, OR 97330

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Learning Innovation Center

Oregon State University's Learning Innovation Center is home to the Honors College (HC) and the Integrated Learning Resource Center (ILRC) which co-locates the Center for Teaching and Learning and Academic Technologies, including Learning Platform Services, Classroom Technology Services, Media Services, and Technical Services, creating a dynamic teaching and learning support center for OSU faculty and students.

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Our Blog

The Academic Technologies Blog is the best place to learn more about upcoming tools and read about our services from the student and faculty perspective.

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