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As our name implies, we are all about building strategic, impactful digital experiences for students and faculty at Oregon State University. We are all about setting you up for success, providing you with a digital OSU that is just as vibrant as the real one, and making sure you get the right information at the right time in the right place.

   For You, From us

We take our responsibilities seriously and are always working to make sure that some of your most important day-to-day tools function exactly as you need them to.



A modern, mobile-first, API-driven dashboard for students, built in-house by Digital Experience. It is the foundational offering for the Digital Experience Initiative and a new kind of digital experience at OSU.

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OSU Mobile

Students expect a mobile digital experience at OSU. We're working to make sure we get it right. Available for iOS and Android.

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OSU Drupal

Our flagship web publishing offering that helps promote consistency, quality and ease-of-use for OSU websites.

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Drupal Codebase

Our Drupal codebase allows power users to manage their own Drupal installation, giving them ultimate flexibility over configuration and updates.

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A lightweight, self-service web publishing offering utilized by and available to a students, faculty and staff.

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Have a ridiculously long website URL that looks like garbage? Want to make it short and lovely? will do that for you.    Hackathon 3.0 award winner for simplification.

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An all-in-one tool that helps you find and fix issues and errors on your website.

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   Wait! There's more.

There are a hundred different ways you might interact with Digital Experience at Oregon State University. Here are just a few of the experiences we've helped to create.


OSU Search

An intuitive service that connects users to the information they seek across all pages, people and places at OSU.


Campus Map

A mobile-first, interactive campus map that will get you where you need to go on the Corvallis campus.


Events Calendar

A simple, wide-ranging calendar of campus community events.