What it do.

The Digital Experience Initiative is a multi-year, multi-project effort that aims to transform the OSU digital landscape and improve the utility, quality and credibility of the OSU online experience. We believe that, through this initiative, we can make a difference in terms of each OSU student's success.

Key Initiative Offerings

Everything you do on the internet today, whether using an app, website, digital assistant or other interface, is a digital experience. The best experiences are personalized, intuitive, helpful and (ideally) delightful. The sum of these online interactions is what forms a user's digital experience. This initiative is all about building a better digital experience at OSU. 



A modern, mobile-first, API-driven dashboard for students and employees. It is the foundational offering of the Digital Experience Initiative.

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OSU Mobile

OSU's official mobile app available on iOS and Android. It brings together all of the tools that students use every day and puts them on their mobile device.

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Chat @ OSU

We envision a conversational UI that exposes information from many systems at OSU to multiple interfaces that promotes student success and assists in navigating institutional processes.

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DX Advisory Group

We are a group of developers, communicators and digital users across campus who work together to create a thoughtful digital experience at Oregon State University.

What we do

As the DX Advisory Group, our goal is to make sure we are providing the tools and services that OSU students, faculty and staff need to be successful and solve business problems, and to help elevate our campus technology in a way that evokes delight and efficiency, not frustration or barriers. Our focus is to select and support services informed by our various and widely-differing customer needs and opinions.


As an advisory group, we:
  • Provide feedback on planned features and use cases
  • Consult on prioritization/approach to implementation
  • Validate assumptions
  • Act as a proxy for our different types of customers
  • Brainstorm features and functionality


Examples of projects we have helped to develop:

Who We Are

The DX Advisory Group is comprised of a diverse group of campus tech users who represent a range of perspectives and needs; membership evolves over time to ensure that we are talking to the right people about our work. The group meets every other month.


Advisory Group Members
  • Alex Aljets, University Information and Technology
  • Kristin Benson, Office of the Registrar
  • Carolyn Boyd, Student Affairs 
  • Ian Cavalier, Ecampus
  • Daniel Crouch, Enrollment Management
  • Lynn Greenough, Academic Technology
  • Matt Hansen, Digital Experience
  • Michelle Harrell-Oechies, Finance and Administration
  • Ed Lee, Digital Experience
  • Jeffrey Malone, Student Affairs
  • Michael McDonald, Digital Experience
  • John McQueen, Graduate School
  • Kegan Sims, University Relations & Marketing
  • Ben Wessel, Finance and Administration
  • Derek Whiteside, Digital Experience