The UIT Vision & Mission

Oregon State University’s community members lead vibrant, digitally-empowered lives, enabling their transformative impact at OSU and beyond.

Oregon State University’s information and technology enterprise provides university community members with the ability to select, design and manage their own personal digital paths to success, by

  • Designing and implementing a fully architected and connected catalog of the right data, services, solutions, tools and devices
  • Protecting the university’s digital assets while maintaining an agile IT ecosystem Leading with adaptive and responsive IT policies
  • Managing resources efficiently to maximize our impact
  • Continuously innovating and serving as a trusted consultant or partner with up-to-date professional IT expertise


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Our Values


Do the right things in the right ways. Achieve high standards for our projects, services and actions, valuing innovation, robustness, and professionalism.


Value the contributions and capabilities of each person, treating each person with civility and respect for who they are and what they contribute.


Be a great partner and collaborator, leveraging the strengths of our different experiences and capabilities, trusting and being trustworthy.


Encourage continuous learning for staff and embrace change as a constant in how we deliver value and advance the University’s mission.

Our Commitments

   Have the courage to take on the hard problems that others have left behind

   Keep the needs of students and faculty foremost in mind

   Adopt best practices, looking beyond campus

   Reach across internal boundaries to solve problems and build our collective capacity

   Commit to building diversity within our IT culture and community

   Formalize information governance in alignment with university mission and priorities

   Protect privacy and university information