Monsido is a powerful all-in-one tool that helps you find and fix issues and errors on your website.

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   Content Policies

Content Policies allows you to track and address any violations related to OSU's content guidelines. Examples of violations include having images larger than 1MB, words that are written in all caps, references to old department names and terms to avoid when writing about disabilities, age or gender.

   Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance helps you find and fix content issues across your website, such as misspellings, broken links and broken images.


With the accessibility tracker, you can test your website's compliance levels and fix the issues that make it inaccessible to users with disabilities.


Monsido can help you with the search engine optimization (SEO) of your webpages by running diagnostics and making recommendations. 


Heartbeat checks to make sure your website is responding, and measures that response time between your webpage and the server.


Monsido also provides you with a general glimpse into your site's analytics, such as total visits, total visitors, pageviews, bounce rate and traffic sources.




Monsido helps you create and maintain high-quality, user-friendly, error-free, accessible websites. Here's a peek at some of the tools available.

How do I get started?


    Get Access

Digital Experience (formerly Web and Mobile Services) maintains a campuswide license for all of OSU's websites, and can help you get access to your Monsido dashboard. Just send us a ticket, choosing Monsido under List of Services, and let us know who needs access to which site.


   Learning Monsido

Here are a few resources that will help you navigate Monsido and utilize its tools to make your websites even better:

Video demos on fixing quality problems

Digital Experience team member Nick Piatt walks you through various aspects of using the OSU instance of Monsido.


Once you've logged in to Monsido, you can access their comprehensive knowledgebase.

Open Lab

Drop by our Open Lab Teams channel with your questions. Virtual Open Lab is open 24/7, so your questions will be answered quickly.

Attend our next Fixathon

Digital Experience plans to hold its second annual Fixathon this summer, where users are invited to spend half a day collectively immersed in Monsido and its tools. Date TBA.

Monsido's built-in chat support

Once you're logged in to your Monsido dashboard, you can start a chat with one of Monsido's support team.