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Image Name & Position Phone(s) Email
Ballinger, Andrea
Chief Information Officer, Vice-Provost for University Information & Technology

Office: 541-713-3402
[email protected]
Barber, David
Executive Director, Strategic IT Innovation

Office: 541-737-2367
[email protected]
Dolan, Jonathan
Assoc VProvost, Deputy CIO&CDO

Office: 541-737-5402
[email protected]
Harrell-Oechies, Michelle
Executive Director, Business Architecture

Office: 541-737-8076
[email protected]
Huddleston, Shayne
Enterprise IT Architect

Office: 541-737-2860
[email protected]
McLaughlin, Amy
Executive Director, Technology & Solutions Architecture

Office: 541-737-7502
[email protected]
McMorries, David
Asst. Vice Provost & CISO

Office: 541-737-9561
[email protected]
Wetherell, Lisa
Executive Assistant

Office: 541-713-3402
[email protected]