Some FAQ For You...

New Undergraduates

New undergraduate students who are within three terms (the current term + 2 following terms) of starting their first term at OSU should be able to log into Beaver Hub one business day after attending START or completing Ecampus orientation.

New undergrad students who need to accept a scholarship but are not yet eligible for a Beaver Hub account should contact the Scholarship Office at [email protected].

All Other New Students

All other new students (ex. Graduate, Non-Degree, etc) who are within three terms (the current term + 2 following terms) of starting their first term at OSU can log in to Beaver Hub once they have been issued their OSU email address.


A student who went inactive in a previous term will not have a Beaver Hub account available until their status in Banner changes to an active setting such as New Student or Returning. This may take a couple of business days.

Beaver Hub Deactivation

A student's Beaver Hub account is deactivated when their ONID is deactivated

Yes! The Beaver Hub Student View Guide should get you where you need to go!


Changing your time zone is really easy to do, just follow the directions below:

1. Go to your settings page

From the Beaver Hub Home Page, click on your name in the upper right corner.

When the menu opens, click on My Profile.

2. Set Your Time Zone

Locate the Time Zone field and click on it to open it.

Select the appropriate time zone. For West Coast USA students, select Pacific Daylight Time (America/Los_Angeles). For East Coast USA students, select Easter Daylight Time (America/New_York).

Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Yes! You can create what's called a Temporary Connection. Temporary connections are good for 14 days from the time you create them. If yours happens to expire, however, you can always just add it again.

Before You Begin

Go to the Academic Advising website and locate the college that you need information from. Click the college link to go to that college's advising information. Follow website instructions to locate an advisor appropriate for your needs.

Once you've found that advisor, click their designated Beaver Hub appointment button/link.

If you're not already in Beaver Hub, you'll be prompted to log in.

Within Beaver Hub

You will be taken to the advisor's profile page.

Click their Temporary Connection button. This will take you to the advisor's appointment availability, where you can set an appointment.