ESM focuses on simplifying access to information & resources, making work easier. It automates tasks where possible, delights users with intuitive design, and demonstrates empathy through personalization and seamless interactions with service providers.

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Enterprise Service Management is just one of several key programs in the OSU IT Strategic Roadmap. These programs represent work that is critical to deepening our capacity and creating new capabilities that will enable OSU to deliver on its core mission of teaching and learning, research and extension.

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What is ESM?


ESM applies a service-oriented business model to evolve the way your organization works. A service-oriented business model enables the creation of value between an organization and its stakeholders.

This is accomplished via People, Process and Technology.

ESM leverages time-tested, best-practice frameworks such as: ITIL, DevOps, Agile, LEAN and Knowledge Centered Service to help gain efficiencies, strengthen communication, and ensure quality.

Enterprise Service Management - Core Principles


Automate (Do it for me)
Free me up to do the really important stuff


Amaze (Delight me)
Delight me through intuitive design and demonstrated empathy for my business needs


Amplify (Make me better)
Empower me to be faster, able to see more, know more, do more

What is the ESM program at OSU?

The ESM program represents a collection of projects that culminate to support OSU's Strategic Plan 4.0 (SP4.0). Specifically, Action 20: "Integrate and simplify technology systems, data practices, and policies to increase our organizational agility." With Enterprise Service Management, we will:

   Revise systems, processes, and policies to ensure all faculty and staff readily have secure access to the services and information they need to do their jobs and enable data-informed decisions

    Tightly integrate existing and future technology systems to streamline IT experiences for faculty, staff and students, minimizing time spent in administrative activities


How will ESM benefit the OSU community?

   Serve the OSU community where they are, how they prefer, and when they need access to information, tools resources, and training — all through a single, secure and consistent experience.

   The OSU service experience is so unified, anyone at OSU doesn’t need to know who to contact or what college/unit is helping them. Their issue or request was simply and efficiently resolved, sometimes through self-service!

Some tangible examples include:

  1. Improved user experience
  2. Standardization of service management practices
  3. Reduced costs or elimination of manually processing workflows
  4. Increased predictability
  5. Increased process efficiency
  6. Increased transparency

ESM Projects

Phase 1 - Human Resources

Kick off - Mar. 2022

Launch - Feb. 13th, 2023

  • Employee on-boarding process
    • Developing and delivering a faster, smoother and more transparent employee on-boarding process for the new employee, hiring supervisor, and OSU staff involved in the process to hire a new employee. These items include tasks like: payroll setup, access to technology systems, benefits, etc.
  • Self-service
    • Knowledgebase - a place to find articles to help you answer your question without asking for help.
    • Service Catalog - a menu of services to provide information and submit requests for help/action.
    • A Virtual Agent to answer frequently asked questions.
  • Case Management
    • Enables Human Resources staff to: (1) ensure the security of confidential employee data, (2) enhance communication between users, (3) create efficiencies in responding to customers, (4) ensure appropriate documentation/closure of matters, (5) track trends to identify training opportunities, and more.


Phase 2 - Information Technology

This phase is planned to start immediately after Phase 1 for Human Resources is complete. As of March 10, 2022, the scope of the Phase 2 work and timeline is being finalized.

ESM projects are complimentary to other programs, and projects in the IT and OSU strategic roadmap. View the IT strategic plan to view other programs and programs in the IT strategic roadmap.

Initial Scope

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)
    • Ticketing for Incidents, Service Requests, Changes, Problems, and Major Incidents
  • Knowledge Management
    • Internal documentation for department employees, external documentation for customers
  • Service Catalog
    • An easy to use catalog of services with excellent search capabilities
  • Virtual Agent
    • Need help outside of working hours? The Virtual Agent can assist you 24/7/365 with most common issues

Future Scope


Want to learn more about ESM?

We are kicking off a campaign to present on ESM across campus. If you would like to attend one of these presentations, or if you are aware of groups/meetings where presenting information about ESM would be appropriate and impactful, please contact the ESM Project Team. 

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About ESM

What is Enterprise Service Management (ESM)?

How is ESM different from "ticketing"?

Why is ESM important to OSU?


Why is ESM important to OSU?


As an office manager with multiple duties and systems to navigate, it would be wonderful if a simple STEP BY STEP guide could be provided. Is that a possibility?

Many HR Liaisons actually do the onboarding and answer all the questions rather than the supervisors - can we be included on any onboarding so we know what’s happening?

During the phase 1 roll-out, will we be doing parallel processes (using both the existing system and the new) as backup?

On day one, will the new employee have all of the systems access required for their position? For example, Banner, BennyBuy, Total Contract Manager, TouchNet, etc.?

How will this system help streamline various processes for HR liaisons?

Should a stall in the process occur, will the Benny Bot be able to pinpoint where the stall has occured? Specifically user issue or waiting on new hire?